KET-T: Electric steam kettle, tilting

50 PSI STEAM JACKETED KETTLE (3.5 Bar boiling Pan), 2/3 STEAM JACKETED, HIGH SPEED COOKING, (3,6,12 GALLONS, 11, 23, 0r 45 (Liters)

CLEVELAND, electric Steam kettle (boiling pan), Table Type, self-contained, tilting. 2/3 steam jacketed, type 304 Stainless Steel kettle and supports. Jacket rated at 50 psi (3.5 Bar) with Safety Valve, Permanently filled Steam Jacket, Splash Proof Solid State Temperature (±1° C) and Safety Control System in plug-in Module including L.E.D. indicators. Marine Lock. Optional Lift Off Cover, Hot & Cold Water Faucet and ST 28 Equipment Stand

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  • Manual Tilting
    • Balanced design
  • Self-Contained
    • Easily installed - needs only an electrical hook-up
  • 50 PSI (3.5 Bar) Steam Jacket Rating for faster cooking
    • Steam jacket filled with treated water, venting and/or refilling is not required
  • Controls
    • Accurate, consistant solid state temperature controls (mechanical thermostate not as accurate) - less than ±1°C variance (ideal for simmering). Operating temperature range from 145° - 260°F (63°C - 127°C) Control panel includes:LED indicator for heat cycle, LED indicator for low water Power ON/OFF switch, Adjustable temperature control dial
  • Water Resistant Controls
    • Splash-proof construction
  • Pouring Lip
    • Large pouring lip for high capacity and chunky products.
  • Rolled Rim
    • Re-inforced rolled rim design prevents damage to kettle rim, eliminates "bar rim designs"
  • Heating Elements
    • Welded-in heating elements, (holds vacuum better, won't leak or loose water)
  • Easily Cleaned
    • Kettle and all exterior surfaces are of type 304 stainless steel with an #4 finish
  • Pressure Gauge
    • Rear mounted easy access pressure gauge and pressure relief valve to prevent tampering. Color coded easy to read pressure gauge with "green" and "vent air zone"
  • Jacket Rating
    • 50 psi steam jacket rating for higher cooking temperatures
  • Safety Valve
    • 50 psi
  • Water Level Control
    • Solid state water level control (no sight glass gauge to break or leak)
  • Element Cover
    • Splash proof element cover with a double gasket seal
  • Marine Lock
    • Self locking marine type tilting mechanism prevents accidental spills. Balanced design makes it easy to tilt
  • Standard voltage
    • 208-240 volts, 60 Hz, 3 phase, 3 wire. Model KET-6 and KET-12 are field rewirable to single phase
W x D x H " x " x "
cm x cm x cm
Weight 180 lb
81.6 kg
Power Input Type Electric
Primary Power Input 208-240 V x 60 Hz x 3 PH
Equipment Stand
Stainless Steel equipment stand with drain drawer and splash shield (ST-28)
Hot and cold (DPK) or cold only (SPK) water faucet with swing spout. Requires mounting bracket (FBKT)
316 Kettle Liner
316 Stainless Steel kettle liner for high acid food products (316-G)
High wattages (HW) and special voltages
Cooking Baskets
Food Strainers
Measuring Strips
Spray Hose
Lift Off Cover
Kettle Markings

Brochure & Sell Sheets

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CAD Symbols (KCL Cutsheets)

AutoCad Drawings

Owner Instruction Manual

SE95004 R8 (Kettle Table Top Electric) Service.pdf

SE95004 R9 (Kettle Table Top Electric) Use and Care English.pdf

SE95004 R9 (Kettle Table Top Electric) Use and Care French.pdf

Menu or Recipe Guide

Kettle Cookbook

Service Manual

SE95004 R9 (Kettle Table Top Electric) Service.pdf

Specification Sheets

ST28 Equipment Stand with Sliding Drain Drawer



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