MKDT-T: Direct steam mixer kettle, tilting


CLEVELAND, Model MKDT-12-T & KET-20-T Table Type, Tilting, 12 & 20 Gallon, Direct Steam Mixer Kettle, 50 psi Jacket Rating, Factory installed Steam Control Kit, Steam Control Valve built into Trunnion. Infinitely Variable Speed, 3/4 H.P. Timing Belt Drive. Bayonet Mounted Agitator and Scraper with Removable Blades, Safety Device prevents high speed starts. Mixing stops when Bridge is lifted. Kettle and all Exterior Surfaces are Stainless Steel.

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  • Mixing
    • Infinitely variable speed for all conditions; scraper from 0-70 rpm, agitator from 0-210 rpm.
      Removable (without tools) Nylon Blades scrape entire jacketed surface.
      3/4 horse power D.C. Timing Belt Drive.
      Safety Device prevents High Speed Starts.
      Mixing stops when bridge is lifted.
      Agitator and Scraper are bayonet mounted for easy removal.
      Enclosed, balanced, 10 Gauge Stainless Steel Mixer Bridge.
      Gallon Markers on Scraper Shaft.
  • Steam Control Valve
    • Built into trunnion.
  • Steam Control Kit
    • Factory installed.
  • Steam Jacket Rating
    • 50 PSI (3.5 Bar) for faster cooking.
  • Tilt Handle
    • Interchangeable for left or right operation.
  • Rolled Rim
    • Re-inforced rolled rim design prevents damage to kettle rim, eliminates "bar rim designs"
  • Easily Cleaned
    • Kettle and all exterior surfaces are of type 304 stainless steel with an #4 finish
  • Large Pouring Lip
  • Standard Voltage
    • 120 volts, 60 Hz, Single phase, 3 wire
Equipment Stand
Stainless Steel equipment stand with drain drawer and splash shield (ST-28)
Faucet (standard on MKDT-20-T)
Hot and cold (DPK) or cold only (SPK) water faucet with swing spout. Requires mounting bracket (FBKT)
316 Kettle Liner
316 Stainless Steel kettle liner for high acid food products (316-G)
Pressure Reducing Valve
Flow Diverter
Food Strainers
Water Meter
(GMF or LMF) Wall Mounted or on Stand (SWM)
Water Cooling
Product Time/Temperate Controls and Indicators
Kettle Accessory Kit (KAK) includes:
Clean-up Brush (CB), 36" Kettle Paddle (KP), 36" Kettle Whip (KW), 36" Kettle Brush (KB), Draw-off Brush (DB), 24 oz. Ladle (KL)

Owner Instruction Manual

SE95016 R4 (Mixer Table Top Direct Steam) Use and Care.pdf

Menu or Recipe Guide

Kettle Cookbook

Service Manual

SE95016 R4 (Mixer Table Top Direct Steam) Service.pdf

Specification Sheets



ST28 Equipment Stand


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