22CGT6.1: SteamChef SST gas boilerless convection steamer

Convection Steamer Boilerless with KleanShield, Automatic Water Fill & Drain, Gas Operated, Energy Star

Cleveland SteamChef SST with SteamSaver Technology, high efficency Energy Star gas boilerless convection steamer model 22CGT6.1, one compartment high-speed gas convection steamer. Standard with 60-minute electro-mechanical timer. Capacity for SIX 2.5" (1/1 G/N, 65 mm) full size steam table pans. 32.000 btu high efficiency gasboilerless combustion system, automatic water level controls. Heavy-duty 14 gauge stainless steel cooking compartment door and latch. Patented KleanShield clean cavity protection. 4" Adjustable Legs.

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  • Approvals
    • Meets agency codes: specifically UL and AGA, classified to NSF#4
  • Capacity
    • Cooking capacity for up to six 12" x 20" x 2 1/2" deep cafeteria pans.
  • Controls
    • Automatic water level controls, fills when main power switch is turned ON, Low Water and High Water probes inside cooking compartment maintains water levels during cooking, eliminating the need to manually refill and monitor water level during cooking. Additional Safety Overflow Standpipe. 193° preheat and standby temperature. High Temperature Safety Shut-off. Steam and Fan Shut Off Control when compartment door is opened.
  • Design
    • ENERGY STAR approved gas convection steamer with open style 1.5 gallon water reservoir located at the bottom of the cooking compartment for easy access and maintenance.
  • Door
    • Left Hand Door Hinging: Compartment Doors hinged on the left, controls on the right. Exclusive, durable 14 gauge stainless steel compartment door and latch withstands abuse and heavy wear. Two piece compartment door with free floating inner door is self adjustable and prevents leaks. Reversible door gasket doubles the life of the gasket.
  • Door Hinging
    • Left Hand Door Hinging: Compartment Doors hinged on the left, controls on the right.
  • Drain
    • Exclusive SteamChef Automatic Drain Control. Generator Drains when main power is turned OFF via 1/2" ball valve with micro switch circuitry. Simple 1" NPT drain connection required with water saving cold water condenser and 3 minute rinse feature.
  • High Efficiency Gas Boilerless Combustion System
    • 62,000 btu's with "Works In Drawers" front access burners for simple maintenance.
  • Legs
    • Heavy-duty 4" (102mm) Skid Resistant Adjustable Legs with Flanged Feet.
  • Patented KleanShield
    • Fan forced convection steam with KleanShield cooking compartment design. KleanShield collects and removes condensate waste from the cooking compartment. This keeps the compartment clean, safe from impurities and easy to maintain. Eliminates foaming and avoids contamination of the reservoir water.
SteamChef 6 Model 22CGT6.1 Gas Boilerless Convection Steamer with KleanShield
W x D x H 215/8" x 321/4" x 341/8"
54.9cm x 81.9cm x 86.7cm
Weight 355 lb
161 kg
Power Output 32000.00 N/A
Power Input Type Gas - Natural
Certifications AGAENERGY STARNSFULWelbilt Enerlogic
34" High Equipment Stand
34" (864mm) High Stainless Steel Stand, for one 22CET3.1 (UNISTAND34)

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