SGL30TR, SGL40TR: Braising pan tilting skillet

DuraPan Series Gas Powered. OPEN BASE DESIGN, 30 and 40 GALLONS (117, 156 Liters) "SPLASH PROOF" Contstruction

CLEVELAND, Tilting Braising Pan/Skillet, high efficiency gas operated heating system (91k, 130k BTU's) complete with Thermostatic and Safety Controls; Gallon Markings; Stainless Steel Clad; 5/8" "Bead Blasted" Cooking Surface prevents food sticking to surface; Power Tilt or Manual Hydralic Hand Tilt (Please Specifiy); Spring Assist Cover with adjustable Vent. All Stainless Steel Construction. No Clearances Required. Optional 2" (50 mm) Tangent Draw-Off (comes with front hinge pan support with Draw-Off Option-see spec sheet)

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  • Base
    • Leg or Modular
  • Capacity
    • Full 30/40 Gallon Capacity Rating to Bottom of Pouring Lip
  • Tilting
    • Power Tilt (Hydraulic Hand Tilt Optional)
  • Cooking Surface
    • Stainless Steel Clad 5/8" Cooking Surface Guaranteed against warpage
  • Pan
    • Stainless Steel Coved Cornered Pans with both Gallon and Liter Markings
  • Construction
    • All Stainless Steel Construction for durability and easy cleaning
  • Temperature Controls
    • Adjustable, Electronic Thermostat controls temperature from 100°F to 425°F
  • Heating System
    • High Efficiency Heating System with even heat distribution - 14 kW's for 30 gallon models, 18 kW's for 40 gallon models.
  • Igntion
    • Electronic Spark Ignition
  • Fast Heat-Up
    • Fast Heat-Up and Recovery Time - Preheats in 15 minutes, full capacity from cold to boiling in 60 minutes
  • Cover
    • Spring Assist Cover with Adjustable Vent and Full Width Handle
  • Controls
    • On/Off Switch, Thermostat Knob and Pilots, recessed to avoid breakage
  • Adjustable Feet
    • Four Stainless Steel, Level adjustable feet, rear flanged for bolting
  • Access
    • Serviceable from the front of the unit
  • Indicators
    • Two Pilot Lights; Green = Power on, Amber = Temperature Cycling
  • Splash Proof
    • Splash Proof Controls and Water Tight Electrical Connections
  • High Limit Safety
    • High Limit Safety Device set at 450°F (232°C)
  • Pouring Lip
    • Anti-Splash
  • Cord & Plug
    • Supplied with Cord & Plug for 115-volt controls.
Sliding Drain Drawer
Sliding Drain Drawer with Splash Screen (SLD) (for SEL models only)
Quick Lowering Feature
Hydraulic Hand Tilt with Quick Lowering Feature (HTS)
Power Tilt
With Hand Tilt Override (PT1)
Double or Single Pantry Faucet (SPS14, DPS14), includes Faucet Mounting Bracket
Skillet Filler
Double or Single Pantry Skillet Filler with 60" hose (SKF-S or DKF-S)
Spray Head
Hot & Cold Water Pre-Rinse Spray Head with Hose (PRS-S)
Food Strainers
For pouring spout (FS)
Vegetable Steamers
Poaching Pans
Wall Mounting

Brochure & Sell Sheets

Skillet Brochure

CAD Symbols (KCL Cutsheets)

AutoCAD Drawings

Owner Instruction Manual

SE95033 R8 (Skillet TR Gas) Use and Care English.pdf

SE95033 R8 (Skillet TR Gas) Use and Care French.pdf

Menu or Recipe Guide

Skillet / Braising Pan Cookbook

Service Manual

SE95033 R5 (Skillet TR Gas, prior to June 2012) Service

SE95033 R8A (Skillet TR Gas) Service.pdf

SGL30TR, SGL40TR Prior to June 2012

Specification Sheets

Skillet Gas TR DuraPan Series


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