Braising Pans: Power Pan™ Series

You won't find a more versatile piece of cooking equipment in any kitchen. Skillets can do it all, from grilling and braising meat to steaming vegetables and rice to simmering soups and sauces. The best part is you can cook almost any menu item in this one type of equipment, instead of needing, three, four or more different kinds of kitchen equipment. Many kitchens find them indispensible in preparing most of their menu items, often purchasing several for the same kitchen.

Value-Added Features:

Built Into Every Skillet Every skillet is designed with Cleveland's exclusive high efficiency heating system ensuring fast, even heat distribution. "Splash-proof" solid state temperature controls allow for worry-free cleaning and precise temperature control within 5°F variance assuring even and consistent cooking. All skillets are made of durable stainless steel with structurally reinforced bottoms guaranteed against warping. All skillets have bead blasted cooking surfaces to help prevent sticking and coved corner design to ease cleaning, with removable or spring-assist covers. Each skillet has either handtilt, hand crank-tilt or power-tilt features. Popular options available on various models include a 2" tangent draw-off valve for draining, console-mounted water faucets, stands for tabletop models, pan carriers, vegetable steamer baskets and poaching pans.

Power Pan Series Skillet Features:

  • Exclusive Ultra Efficient Power Burner (Forced-Air) Gas Combustion System with Automatic Ignition
  • Exclusive Dual Power Settings:
    • 90,000 and 125,000 Btu for 30 gallons, 160,000 Btu and 200,000 Btu for 40 gallons provides superior heat-up and recovery.
  • Open base design for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Low 35" rim height for easy operation and cleaning.
  • Splash Proof Controls and construction.
  • 5/8" Stainless Steel Bead Blasted cooking surface prevents warping and keeps food from sticking.
  • Easy-to-turn manual hand tilt. Optional power tilt with manual override available.
  • Gallon/Liter Markings and Vented Spring Assist Cover standard.
  • 10° Cooking Feature. Tilt unit up to 10° without the power being turned off.

Braising Pans: Dura Pan Series

The most exciting development in braising pan/skillets in years! Cleveland has taken the best of the best: features, design, innovation, gained through years of working with customers and engineering design to introduce our exclusive Dura Pan Series Gas Skillets, in 30 and 40 gallon models.
SGL40TR with drawer

Cleveland Braising Pans - Have Got You Covered

No matter what kind of braising pan/skillet will work best in your kitchen, Cleveland has the right size for you, from the 10 and 15 gallon tabletop models to 30 and 40 gallon floor models with the ultra "power burner" system. Ten and 15 gallon tabletop braising pan/skillets are electric; 30 and 40 gallon floor models are available in natural or propane gas or electric.

Dura Pan Series Braising Pan Skillet Features

  • Electronic thermostat embedded in the 5/8" plate, only 1/8" from the top surface, so it reacts as soon as the plate begins to cool for instant recovery
  • 91,000 BTU (30 gallon); 130,000 BTU (40 gallon) for fast heat up and quick recovery
  • Completely front-serviceable with pull-out "works in a drawer” componentry
  • Recessed control panel prevents physical damage from carts, etc.
  • Water resistant controls and power jack with splashproof design prevent water damage from spillage or cleaning
  • Optional Sliding Drain Drawer with Splash Screen, mounted on the left side. Can be hard-piped to a remote floor drain. Ideal for installations without a drain trough

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